Alojera is a small village with 300 residents. The people here take life as it comes. The sun goes up tomorrow as well, so why stress?

Alojera is a well functioning village with school, church, a restaurant and three supermarkets with combined bars. The ocean is very nearby with a beach consisting of black volcanic sand. 

High mountain next to the ocean. Some houses near the beach.
The part of Alojera with is nearest the ocean. The apartment is located here.

Good to know

There are three supermarkets, and two are close to the main road. Both are combined bars.

There is an exhibition in the village about how they make ”Miel de Palma” -Palm honey. It’s one of the biggest productions of palm honey in the world. Really tasty!

There is a Taximan in the village – Pepe. Ask for Pepe at the restaurant or by Rosario. A trip to San Sebastian is about 60 euro one way and takes 1 hour and 15 min. If you want to walk it is a good idea to take a taxi to Garajonay forrest and walk back from restaurante Epina.

View over the village with palm trees, houses and the blue ocean.
Picture taken higher up in Alojera.